About Las Islas Family Medical Group


Las Islas Family Medical Group’s philosophy is grounded in the beliefs of its physicians and associates established over more than twenty years of trusted service to individuals and families in the greater Oxnard area. Through our actions, we expect to demonstrate the following beliefs:

In Regard to Patients

We respect and serve people without regard to race, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status within financial limits of our organization. The best interest of the patient must be the number one priority of both physicians and associates.

Health care services must be accessible to patients which, in turn, requires us to offer services at convenient hours for patients, within reasonable travel time, without excessive waiting, and at a reasonable cost.

Patients are entitled to certain rights including considerate and respectful care; information about the credential of the caregiver; informed choice regarding treatment alternatives; confidentiality and consideration of privacy; information on the business relations among Las Islas Family Medical Group, other health care providers, or payers that may influence treatment or care.

Health care requires collaboration and continuity with patients (or their families/surrogates), and effective care requires the patient to accept certain responsibilities. Patients shall be educated to manage their health care problems when possible, to take responsibility for maintaining their health status, and encouraged to practice healthy lifestyles.

Patients will receive personalized care dedicated to meeting their needs.